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budget proves republicans subscribe to a different set of values than do democrats. >> let me start by quoting my dad. a phrase my dad used to always use. whenever you would say something, someone would say this is what i value, this is what i support. my dad would go like this. he'd say, look, don't tell me what you value. show me your budget and i will tell you what you value. seriously. show me your budget and i will tell you what you value. don't tell me you value women in your office space, in your corporation if you have a budget where you don't have any women that are being paid like men. don't tell me that you value and are deeply concerned about seniors if, in fact, you ee advice rate the things that you
5:31 am
know and rely on not only for their well-being but i'll return to this, for their dignity. for their dignity and their pride. >> president obama will attend fundraisers in texas this afternoon. a day after kicking off his first town hall of his campaign in cincinnati. the president aggressively targeted mitt romney telling the ohio crowd that former governor romney does have a plan for creating jobs as you heard this one before, just not in this country. >> i've got to be honest. today we found out there's a new study out by nonpartisan economists that says governor romney's economic plan would, in fact, create 800,000 jobs. there's only one problem. the jobs wouldn't be in america. they would not be in america. they'd be in other countries. by eliminating taxes on corporations foreign income, governor romney's plan would
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encourage company to shift more operations to foreign tax havens creating 800,000 jobs in those other countries. i want to give incentives to companies that are investing in you, the american people, to create american jobs, making american goods that we're selling around the world stand for three proud words, made in america. >> the romney campaign called the tax report the president was referring to there biased pointing out that it was written by an obama supporter. today mitt romney will be at a rally in pennsylvania as the super pac supporting him sets a new fundraising high. restore our future collected $20 million in june. that's four times what it raised in may. also, dwarves the $6 million raised by the top super pac supporting president obama in the same month. meanwhile, no sign that democrats plan to let up the attacks on romney's record at bain capital. he had why on msnbc, debbie wasserman schultz doubled down on the possibility that the
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republican candidate either broke the law or lied about his tenure with the company. >> well, what stephanie said, rightfully so, is that either mitt romney was lying on s.e.c. forms and misrepresenting to his investors, which could be a felony, that he was the sole owner, president, ceo of bain capital from 1999 until almost the end of 2001, or he wasn't and represented that he was. this is a campaign for president of the united states. mitt romney is running for president of the united states. you know, he and his campaign team leadership need to put their big boy and big girl pants on and defend his record. >> coming up on morning joe, by the way, we'll talk with the deputy campaign manager for the obama campaign, stephanie cutter. you heard debbie wasserman schultz talk about her. she was the first to suggest
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that mitt romney may have broken the law. wrapping up a tour overseas, hillary clinton says the united states will use all elements of american power to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. added that u.s. and israel are on the same page in dealing with iran. before returning home to washington, she was asked about the protesters in egypt who threw shoes and tomatoes at her armored convoy two days ago. >> i have some experience with my own country and other vibrant societies like israel and elsewhere where protests are part of the fabric of the democracy. so in one way seeing people express themselves, even though their assumptions and conclusions were absolutely wrong, is a sign of that freer environment that egypt now enjoys. therefore, i was not offended.
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you know, i was relieved that nobody was hurt and i felt bad that good tomatoes were wasted. other than that, it was not particularly bothersome. secretary clinton back in washington this morning ending her nine-country trip. the u.s. military is investigating a deadly incident in the persian gulf yesterday where an american navy ship opened fire on a fishing boat. happened about ten miles off the coast of united arab emirates near dubai. a spokesman says the refueling ship seen here targeted the smaller vessel after that vessel ignored warnings to change direction. the fishing boat was speeding toward the american ship in broad daylight according to the report. the crew were indian citizens, one much whom was killed. the shooting raised new tensions as the u.s. builds forces there to counter iranian threats to shut down the straight of hor z
5:36 am
hormuz. there is a big move in silicon valley that has one of google's young stars switching teams. marissa mayer will be the next ceo of yahoo. the fifth ceo in the past owe mayer leaves a 13-year career at google. she was employee number 20 starting as a computer programmer and working her way to be a top executive at the company. she was responsible for the concept behind some of google's most successful design including the simple white home page, g-mail and google images. she spent 13 years at google making history as the first female engineer. she's a graduate of stanford university. one of the big tests for mayer will be to turn around the slumping ad market. it's far behind facebook and goog. she's one of several high-powered female ceos in
5:37 am
silicon valley. you see a few of them on the list. still ahead, team usa was getting ready for the olympics with a game against brazil, but the whole arena was watching the big screen and the kiss cam that had the first couple giggling like teenagers. we'll see if the president made his move and wonders if there's anyway for the romney campaign to turn it into an attack ad. way too early is coming right back. the great tragedy and the mystery of twa flight 800. a midair explosion and a search of the seas for answers. was it a mechanical failure? could it have been a midair collision? a bomb? or even a missile?
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5:42 in the morning as you look a beautiful live picture at rockefeller plaza. let's get a check of the weather from bill karins. >> lack of rain, lot of heat. and grocery prices going up because of the corn struggling. one of the biggest examples of this drought is the state of indiana. indianapolis itself has had one of the most miserable summers in history as far as lack of rain and heat. indianapolis is at .09 of an inch of rain. that is literally a couple drops. that's it. that's a big area of corn there from illinois to indiana, ohio, back into iowa. that's been some of the hardest hit areas. that continues to be the spots where we desperately need the rain. not getting it today. it's hot and humid. this will be the peak of this heat wave from the midwest to
5:42 am
the east. then that cold front will drop from the north and cool everyone off over the next two to three days. look at today, 100-degree heat from des moines, kansas city, st. louis, chicago. detroit could be 102 today under excessive heat warning there. near 100, if not 100 near boston to raleigh including d.c. the next two days, the front slowly drops down, we cool off in chicago tomorrow. and then a lot of areas of the great lakes and the northeast cool off by thursday. you cool off back to normal. by monday of next week, the heat returns again. just minor little breaks. it's ugly. >> triple digits all the way. wichita east, incredible. bill, thanks so much. let's turn to sports now. the u.s. men's olympic basketball team played its last exhibition game here in the u.s. before heading overseas for the olympics. president obama was at the game with his family. vice president biden watched the u.s. squad get off to a bit of a slow start against brazil. scoops up the loose ball, ahead to lebron for the dunk. americans down 6 early on.
5:43 am
remember, these aren't -- brazil has a bunch of nba players. president obama, he goes in for the smooch after he appeared on kiss cam on the big jumbotron overhead. the first lady shuts him down and gets boos from the crowd. more to come on that. lebron gives the crowd something to get excited about. part of a second quarter help to overcome the deficit. kevin durant drives and puts it home. team usa wins 80-69. yes, the president got another shot on kiss cam. redemption. they put him up on the big screen. there we go. there we go. with encouragement from his daughter there. plants one on the first lady to the delight of the crowd. much of the talk surrounding the 2012 version of the dream team centered around bryant's assertion that the team beat the original 1992 dream team. michael jordan, magic, bird all of those. stacked with hall of famers.
5:44 am
at halftime, president obama did his part to put that debate to rest. >> you know, this is a generational thing. i was around in '92. i was a bulls fan. so i've got to go with the original dream team. and i suspect that michael and sir charles and others would point out they were probably never down at any point in any of their games. you know, but this is a great team. unbelievable talent and kobe is a competitor. you expect him to do a little trash talking whenever the opportunity arises. >> baseball now, kevin youkilis made his return to fenway. this time as a member of the visiting white sox. got a nice reception from the boston fans. >> third baseman, number 20, kevin youkilis. [ applause ] >> those, of course, the cheers of yuk not to be mistaken for
5:45 am
boos from fenway. he had to wipe the tears out of his eyes before he stepped into the box. as the bat got under way, he slapped a ground ball up for a single serenaded by more cheers from the crowd. one batter later, dunn grounds out to second. youkilis breaks for third, ends upcoming home on a throwing error by adrian gonzalez. whie white sox on the board first. that's all they got. adrian gonzalez going to put a swing on one for a three-run home run. red sox win 5-1. carl crawford, now a sighting in the lineup for the red sox, the first time in the season. one for three with a couple runs scored. the twins have the fewest wins in the american league. you wouldn't know it from last night against the orioles. top of the first, adam jones drills a line drive into right field. ben revere there with a nice diving stab. take another look. robbing extra bases. second inning, twins already up 7-1 when joe mauer drills a solo
5:46 am
home run. the twins win by a final of 19-7. 19-7. whew. that gives the yankees a chance to go up another game on the orioles. they're hosting the jays in the bronx. game tied at 2 until this hit. the bases loaded, bottom of the eighth, 3-1 pitch. yankees win 6-3. they now have a nine-game lead on the orioles in the american league east. at the top of the hour, the obama campaign's assault against mitt romney's time at bain capital continues saying romney has a peculiar talent for creating jobs outside the united states. we'll knock that around with our morning joe crew. when we come back here, we'll huddle up around the water cooler to watch jon stewart back from a little vacay weighing in on the campaign fight on mitt romney's tax returns. "way too early" coming right back. i don't spend money on gasoline.
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we told you at the top of the show, former google executive marissa mayer will be the next ceo of yahoo. she becomes the fifth ceo of the struggling internet company in less than a year. if you want to start smart today, say with her selection, a record 20 fortune 500 company led by female ceos.
5:50 am
ten years ago, ten were run by women. still not enough? a little bit of progress anyway. want to bring an andrew ross sorkin, he and his team broke this. andrew, good morning. >> caller: good morning, mr. geist. >> real quick. help me out. who is marissa mayer. we know she's a rock star in silicon valley. for those of us who don't know, who is she? and two, what kind of challenge is she up against atiyah hoo? >> caller: she is employee number 20. she in many ways is the way we, as users, as consumers, interface with google. so everything the feel, the look of the home page, that's her. the way g-mail works and interacts, that user interface, that's her. google news, that's her. google images, that's her. google maps, that's her. and so she's really about the look and feel of the user interface and that's really both the challenge and the opportunity at yahoo and in many
5:51 am
ways they've lost that and how can they make yahoo relevant again at a time when we talk about googling this. >> she created that template that rewired our brains in so many ways. incredible. she's a great story and it's a good piece on the front page of the times. >> one other way to sound smart this morning. >> yes. >> she's pregnant? >> is that right? >> absolutely. >> i did not know that. >> either did i until last evening. an interesting factoid along with your female ceos. >> we have to read into the piece. andrew ross sorkin broke this story yesterday. marissa mayer, the new ceo of yahoo. enough with the real news. let's huddle up around the water cooler to watch the return of the daily show and the colbert report. last night back with a lot to wade through, including romney's time at bain capital and his refusal to release those tax
5:52 am
returns. >> romney is the man we need in the white house thanks to his years of business experience at bain capital. so obama is now attacking romney's record. it's like he's hell-bent on making the word bain synonymous with a source of harm or ruin. >> i had no role whatsoever in the management of bain capital after february of 1999. not that that would have been a problem to have said that i was with the firm beyond that. >> see, he wasn't there when they did those bad things that he was in no way associated with, but it's fine if he was. >> retired retroactively to february of 1999 as a result. >> okay. in 2002 he retired retroactively back to 1999. >> if mitt wins in november, he's beaten obama and if obama wins in november, mitt can just say he retroactively retired from the race in 2009.
5:53 am
>> i've put out one year tax returns. those are the two years that people are going to have. that's all that's necessary for people to understand something about my finances. >> yes. something. [ laughter ] about just the two years when you knew you were running for president. nobody gives you [ bleep ] about those two years. it would be like if the keith richards autobiography was called my years as a movie pirate. even if the jobs you create are in india or china, you are legally entitled to wonderful things like off shore tax havens and carried interest tx tax rates or $77,000 in business deductions for dressage horse competition expenses. yeah. $77,000 tax break to send your horse to the [ bleep ] prom. nobody cares that mitt romney is rich. it's romney's inability to
5:54 am
understand the institutional advantage that he gains from the government's tax code largess. that's a little offensive to people. especially considering romney's view on anyone else who looks to the government for things like, i don't know, food and medicine. >> nothing is really free. it has to be paid for by people in the private sector. >> and horse prom is black tie, [ bleep ]. >> i want to go to a horse prom. still ahead, on "way too early" your tired texts and tweets are next. "morning joe" is just moments away. [ female announcer ] the power of green coffee extract
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it's proven to be 4x better at smoothing lines and deep wrinkles than professional treatments. roc® max for maximum results. we asked what you you're doing up at this hour? our producer has answers. what do you got? >> we have ann marie, writes it's about time you showed up. i had forgotten what you look like. debbie says is that you or a hologram? this was your last chance. >> ooh. kind of eerie, actually. as i told my children, daddy has to go away for a little while. that's what i'm going to tell you too. i'm back now and that's all that
5:58 am
matters. how about one more, tower. >> wee got john jones of twitter. willie, you were interrupted by a test of the emergency response system. not sure what i enjoyed more. >> this is a test pattern right here if this is what you're talking about. if you turn down the tone and look at if he was sole owner, president, ceo, then he is to be held accountable for the decisions that were made for the outsources of jobs that took place during that time and, you know, this is a campaign for president of the united states. mitt romney is running for president of the united states, and he and his campaign team leadership need to put their big boy and big girl pants on and defend his record.
5:59 am
>> she's right, everybody. it's tuesday, july 17. welcome to "morning joe." with us, john heilemann. haven't seen you in a while. >> i've missed you. >> former treasury official and morning joe economic analyst steve ratner is here and contributor to "the daily beast," mark mckinnon. good to you have. big boy pants. >> mark's got his big boy pants on this morning. >> we'll find out if he has his big boy pants on or not. >> speaking of big boy pants, is willie -- oh, my gosh! there you are. i haven't seen you in so long. >> it's been like a month. >> i've missed you. >> so much better greeting than i got. >> two ships passing in the night. >> how long has it been? >> weeks.

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